Wal-Mart is out of business

by admin on September 3, 2008

As far as this household is concerned.

A month ago or so I made my last visit to a Wal-Mart store. At the time I didn’t know it would be my last visit, but the friendly employees there ensured that it would indeed be the case.

First, some background. I have never been a fan of Wal-Mart. I resisted my wife’s urging to shop there. Then we had kids and they ran through a LOT of diapers. The Evil Empire (aka Wal-Mart) had the best prices on our favorite brand of diapers on a consistent basis. I succumbed to the almighty desire to save $5-$10 a month on diapers and began shopping at Wal-Mart.

We used to do the majority of our grocery shopping at Meijer. Then, Wal-Mart came to town with their lower diaper prices and promises of even better deals. I hate going all over town to do my shopping (especially with the price of gas) so Wal-Mart became my one-stop shopping choice.

Now, back to my story on why Wal-Mart is out of business. We purchased over $100 in assorted grocery and other items for my son’s upcoming birthday party. They had about 4 lanes open and each one was at least three deep with carts filled to the top. With no clear winner as to shortness I chose the lane closest to the exit we were parked outside of.

Unfortunately, this lane of convenience was also the lane with the world’s slowest cashier. I didn’t recognize her until I got closer and felt a lump of dismay in my gut as I remembered her from previous shopping excursions. Her style is one that does not know what the word “rush” might mean and has no concept of friendly demeanor. Each item is slooowwlly scanned and no more than three or four items are placed in each bag.

Anyway, it literally took 15 minutes of waiting in line and paying for our items. I was extremely exasperated as the kids had already went outside with my wife as they had had enough of Wal-Mart for the day (and hopefully their lives). I was disgusted with the long wait and crappy cashier as I trudged toward the exit with my fully-paid cartload of items.

As I neared the automatic exit door and my freedom when one of Wal-Mart’s famous “greeters” asked me to stop and show her my receipt. Already ticked off I asked her why she needed to see my receipt. She said that they randomly check customers with items under their carts and I was stopped because I had a double bag of charcoal on the rack under the cart. I said that I didn’t buy that whole “random” bit and that I already paid my dues by waiting in line for 15 minutes.

She took a step towards my cart like she was going to grab either me, the cart, or the charcoal if I didn’t stop and comply. I hurredly grabbed the receipt from my wallet and pointed to the fact that I did indeed pay for the charcoal and that I was not a thief as she had suspected. I then shoved my cart at the automatic doors and exited Wal-Mart for the last time.

In all the years I have shopped at grocery stores (including Meijer which is similar to Wal-Mart for those that don’t know) I have NEVER been stopped at the exit and asked to show a receipt unless the alarm went off. When the alarm goes off I am only too happy to show that I did indeed pay for the items (remember no alarms went off at Wal-Mart when I was stopped).

So, Meijer has my business and Wal-Mart is out of business as far as I am concerned. My grandfather was famous for writing off businesses both large and small when they did something wrong or gave him poor customer service. He would say, “As far as I am concerned, XYZ Business is closed.”

As far as I am concerned, Wal-Mart is out of business.

Read stories similar to mine at www.StandUpToWalmart.com. I only wish that folks would just stop shopping at Wal-Mart in addition to telling others their stories.

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