Google Chromecast is pretty much awesome

by admin on November 23, 2013

Google Chromecast

Google’s answer to AppleTV is the Chromecast. No bigger than a USB stick, but packing a big entertainment punch – the Google Chromecast plugs into your television’s HDMI port and is powered either by your tv’s USB port or the included AC adapter.

This literally sets up in minutes.

From the time I opened the box until I was testing it out watching YouTube videos it was about 10 minutes. I know because I was warming up some pizza in the oven and had a timer set for 10 minutes and I was eating pizza while the first YouTube video was playing. Nearly 99% of the setup time was the device downloading and installing the latest firmware.

You plug it in, connect it to your wifi, update the software, and that’s it. The Chromecast can be powered by your laptop (Mac or Windows just as long as Chrome is your browser), Android device, or even an Apple product.

I controlled it with both my laptop and my Android based phone.

The only downside is that only YouTube, Hulu Plus, GooglePlay Music, HBO Go, Pandora, and Netflix are the only fully integrated apps. More are promised and really, with your laptop, you can throw anything to the Chromecast. I watched some Duck Dynasty clips simply by using my browser and Chromecast extension for Chrome to “cast” the video to my Chromecast.

I used my Android phone to queue up a Twilight Zone episode on Netflix and “cast” it to the television via Chromecast. Then, I was able to exit the Netflix screen on my phone and do whatever I wanted while the episode played on the television.

Dead simple product. I love it already!

You can get it directly from Google or Amazon for $35. I had a gift card balance for Amazon plus free 2 Day Shipping with Amazon Prime so I ordered the Chromecast off of Amazon.

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