The 3 ‘Must See’ Movies this Holiday Season

by admin on September 25, 2014

Well, they are the three “must see” movies for me anyway.

I am not someone who goes to the movies multiple times a month. Shoot, I barely go multiple times a year. So, when I do go to the movies, it is because the film is one I really want to see.

It just so happens that there are three movies I am most looking forward to watching and they all come out within a few weeks of each other. Hmm, the board game budget might take a hit to offset the increase in the movie segment of the budget :). I’ll send a memo to the boss making the request.

I have been eagerly anticipating Interstellar since the first teaser was revealed last December.

As a parent, this one hits me right in the feels. It reminds me of one of my favorite short stories, The Dark Age by Jason Gurley. In fact, I think it was on twitter that Jason Gurley himself alerted me to this movie because he thought it had a similar plot. Do yourself a favor and give this a read while you wait for Interstellar to come to theaters November 7, 2014.

I’m coming back.


I’ll love you forever.

Holy crap, is it November 7th yet?!?


Next up is, The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies. This opens December 17, 2014.

This is one of my son’s most anticipated movies and so it is also one of mine. We have made it an annual tradition the past two years to go watch The Hobbit films together and it is something we both look forward to.

Before (or after if we see a matinee) the movie we get some awesome pizza at Bilbo’s Pizza (yes, really!). We’ll probably hit up the local gaming store, too, and buy something that catches our eye. Always a fun time.


The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part I makes its debut November 21, 2014. I stumbled on the The The Hunger Games books when they first came out and I really, really, really enjoyed them. Immensely. So much so that I recommended them to my wife, friends, etc.

I view The Hunger Games movies like I view The Hobbit movies – as an entity separate from the books. It’s the only way I can enjoy the films on their own level. I don’t want to be one of the people who pick apart all of the differences between the book and the film. I just want to enjoy it.

So far, I have. Very entertaining movies and I can’t wait to have a date night with my wife to go see Mockingjay.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to re-read Mockingjay :).

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