Tuesday Thumbs Up December 29, 2009 Edition

by admin on December 29, 2009

Ronald Reagan thumbs up

Thumbs Up:
For the store exchanging my wife’s Cricut for one that actually works. It was just my luck that I got a bum one for her for Christmas.

Thumbs Up:
For some neighbors taking advantage of our free entertainment center. It was really nice, but a rather huge beast and I wasn’t looking forward to having to haul it somewhere. Plus, they were really appreciative of it, too, which is nice. Shoot, I was so happy to see it go – I went outside and helped them load it up :).

Thumbs Up:
To my wife for de-cluttering our kitchen cupboards. It all started this morning when one of our shelves had the brackets break (from too much junk!) and a bunch of stuff came crashing down. Guess we’re getting some New Year’s resolutions taken care of a bit early.

Thumbs Up:
To spending time with friends. We have a nice core group of friends that are a real joy to have fun and fellowship with. We’ve been able to get together quite a bit over Christmas and again later this week for New Year’s. Good times :).

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