Tuesday Thumbs Up, June 8, 2010 Edition

by admin on June 8, 2010

Thumbs Up
It is now unofficially summer at our house as my son has finished his first year of school and pretty soon my school teacher-wife will have things wrapped up for the summer.

Thumbs Up
We spotted a snow cone machine on clearance at the store and thought it would be a great addition to our kids’ birthday party this summer. We’re going with a county fair theme so snow cones are a natural addition. I’ve always wanted a snow cone maker ever since I saw the Snoopy’s Dog House version in the Sears Christmas Wish List catalog many years ago.

I envisioned myself selling sno-cones to my siblings at a profit. Get them hooked on the sno-cones at $.25 each and then raise the price up to $.50. Soon, I would have been able to expand my empire to include perhaps some cookies and cakes baked beneath a 100 watt bulb in an EZ-Bake oven purchased with sno-cone profits.

Ah yes, I always had that entrepreneurial spirit.

Thumbs Up
The John Deere campfire ring has been a fun addition to our backyard with the added bonus that it actually looks nice too. I’m never sure if things will turn out as nicely as they appear in my head.

Thumbs Up
For being spared from a tornado that touched down only a mile away on Saturday night. Staying up until after 1a.m. in the basement was a small price to pay to ensure that we were safe.

Thumbs Up
Well, we have another church league softball game tonight and our record stands at an even 2-2. I have fun whether we win or lose and apparently our record reflects that.

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Jody Davidson June 8, 2010 at 8:34 pm

I had the Snoopy Snow Cone Maker!!! My sister and I picked one up at a yardsale when we were kids. I loved the little red snow shovel scooper. I hope your family has as much fun with it as we did!

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