The Customer is NOT Always Right

by admin on August 4, 2009

So I had to email a customer to ask what she ordered because for some strange reason all her order info came through except what she ordered (9 out of 10 times if this happens it is due to the customer having browser problems). She emails me back with a rant that my phones weren’t working and all she got was voicemail. She then proceeded to giver her phone number and ask that I call her (knowing the phones are messed up on my end!).

She neglected to answer my darn question which was all I needed to trouble her for – what she ordered!

I checked with my phone company to see what was going on and while I waited for a response I emailed her once again to let her know that there was something wrong with the phones and I could not call her, but if she could just email me the name of the product she ordered I could get it processed and send her an updated copy of her receipt.

She finally emailed me the order info and had to include another remark about not being able to get through via the phone. Hello! I just told you that the phones STILL were not working – that’s why I was EMAILING you.

Then, to top it all off, when I went to process her order it didn’t go through because she gave the wrong address. I was able to track down the correct billing address (I LOVE without having to deal with her again.

The customer is NOT always right.

This actually happened to me today. For other similar (and hilarious) stories of the customer not being right visit

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