The joys of working at home

by admin on August 14, 2008

Some people can’t hack working from home. They either can’t discipline themselves to avoid distractions and actually get some work done or they aren’t used to not having someone tell them what to do all day.

I stepped out of the workforce just before our first child was born. My wife is a teacher and has excellent health insurance benefits so it made more sense for her to keep working and for me to shorten my commute from about 30 miles to about 30 feet (from my bed to my office that is) and be a work at home dad dad while also working from home.

You see, I crossed out work at home dad because it’s just plain silly. It sounds like something the media came up with to go along with stay at home mom’s – another term I don’t care for. Why should the place you spend your day define you and describe you?

Can’t I just be a dad? Well, I think so anyway.

In between marketing and processing orders I get to spend a ton of time with my kids that I will never look back at and see as wasted time. Any time with your children is time well spent in my book (not that I have a book . . . yet).

One of these days (because I am a former accountant and am inexplicably drawn to numbers) I am going to chart my day with a spreadsheet just to see what all I manage to pack in to a “typical” day. When you work at home and raise kids is there really a “typical” day?

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