Woot! Squidoo paid me over $100 this month

by admin on October 6, 2008

First, you might wonder just what exactly is Squidoo and why they would pay me over $100? Squidoo is the brainchild of internet marketing legend Seth Godin. It’s a community that allows you to build a lens (basically a web page) on any subject/niche you can think of. There are modules that allow you to add text, pictures, polls, and a ton more.

You make money a few different ways. There are affiliate modules for Amazon.com and Ebay that give you a percentage of items purchased through the link on your lens. Also, Adsense (those Google ads that are everywhere these days) ads across all of Squidoo have their revenue dropped into a pool and after expenses and charitable donations are made, the leftovers are divvied up and sent to lensmasters (those lovely folks like me building lenses) based upon varying factors. Also, you can add affiliate links for programs you belong to outside of Squidoo.

I have a few accounts at Squidoo to break up my separate niche areas. My newest account, BackPorchView, didn’t do too shabby on it’s own. It’s a collection of various odds and ends right now with a hope of someday developing a narrower focus.

Am I getting rich off of Squidoo?

Nope, but I am making some decent cash on the side that we put away for vacations, Christmas, and basically treat as fun money. I’m closing in on wrapping up my Christmas shopping (I know, I used to hate people like me that finished before Halloween) and still have plenty of money left towards next summer’s vacation.

I don’t post screenshots of my earnings for anything, but I will say this – this month I received my largest payment yet which clocked in at over $100. The Christmas season at Squidoo is even better and it is never too late to get started.

Get started at Squidoo today.

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