My 9 Most Anticipated Board Games For 2015

by admin on January 16, 2015

Copper Country Board Game

Why nine? Why not? You can see a Top 10 2015 anticipated board games list anywhere. This might be the only place you will get a Top 9 list :).

1. Copper Country by CMX Games. Designed by Scott Diehl and David Lankton.

This one sits at the top of my list because it is based on the history of the copper mining industry in my home state, Michigan. But theme alone is not all that intrigued me about this game.

The year is 1840 and America’s first mining boom is about to strike in the remote wilderness of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Take on the role of a mining company and compete for copper by casting miners and machines into what was known as the underground lottery. As the industry grows, so do the communities surrounding your mines. But every attempt to wrest copper from the ground hangs the fortunes of your company, and the lives of your miners, in the balance. Life, Work, Profit, Death: COPPER COUNTRY.

2. OrleansOrleans Deluxe English Version by Tasty Minstrel Games and designed by Reiner Stockhausen. Deluxe Orleans is currently up on Kickstarter. It has already met it’s funding goal and has surpassed two of its stretch goals at the time of this article. The Deluxe edition will have metal coins, wooden wheel technology tokens, wooden meeples, and wooden tokens instead of carboard (cardboard tokens will still be included in addition to the upgraded components).

Deluxe Orleans is scheduled to be delivered to backers in September.

During the medieval goings-on around Orléans, you must assemble a following of farmers, merchants, knights, monks, etc. to gain supremacy through trade, construction and science in medieval France.

In the city of Orléans and the area of the Loire, you can take trade trips to other cities to acquire coveted goods and build trading posts. You need followers and their abilities to expand your dominance by putting them to work as traders, builders, and scientists. Knights expand your scope of action and secure your mercantile expeditions. Craftsmen build trading stations and tools to facilitate work. Scholars make progress in science, and last but not least it cannot hurt to get active in monasteries since with monks on your side you are much less likely to fall prey to fate.

3.Artifacts Inc Artifacts, Inc. published by Red Haven Games and designed by Ryan Laukat. Artifacts, Inc. funded on Kickstarter back in December and is estimated to deliver in August of this year.

In Artifacts, Inc., 2-4 players compete to grow the most famous archeology company. Players roll dice, which represent their troop of adventurers, and place them on cards in order to find artifacts, sell them to museums, and purchase new cards representing their company assets. Players can choose to focus on making lots of money by selling artifacts, having museum majorities, creating the best combination of expeditions and buildings, or searching below the waves for lost cities and hidden treasures.

The Indiana Jones-style premise and artwork drew me in and made this an automatic back before I even watched the Kickstarter video.

4.Harbour Harbour is designed by Scott Almes and published by Tasty Minstrel Games. Harbour successfully funded on Kickstarter in July 2014 and should be in my hands this February.

I played a prototype version and absolutely loved it. Scratches that Euro itch in a quick format that doesn’t leave you feeling like it is a small game at all.

Harbour is a worker placement game where players move their worker from building to building, collecting and trading Fish, Livestock, Wood, and Stone; and cashing those resources in to purchase buildings (which are the worker placement spots) from the central pool. Once a building is purchased, it is replaced from the deck, and the central pool is a small subset of the deck, and is therefore different every game.

5.La Granja La Granja designed by Michael Keller (II) and Andreas “ode.” Odendahl. The English Edition will be published by Stronghold Games and is scheduled for U.S. distribution in June.

I nearly bought this last fall for $80. I mean, it was in my online cart and I was going through the checkout process, but I stopped. Glad I did. This will be up on pre-order from the Stronghold Games website this spring. The MSRP is $59.99 and Stronghold always discounts pre-orders (30%, I believe) so this will be WAY under the $80 I nearly spent.

1-4 players control small farms by the Alpich pond near the village of Esporles on Mallorca. During the course of the game, the players try to steadily expand their farms into the mighty country estate La Granja. They also seek to deliver goods to the village. Here, speed is everything.

6.Between Two Cities Between Two Cities is designed by Matthew O’Malley and Ben Rosset (Brewcrafters!) and will be published by Stonemaier Games. This is the first Stonemaier Games release not designed by Jamey Stegmaier.

Between Two Cities is scheduled to hit Kickstarter on February 25th. Interesting game premise + Stonemaier Games = insta-back!

It is the early 1800s, a time of immense construction and urbanization. You are a world-renowned master city planner who has been asked to redesign two different cities. Projects of such significance require the expertise of more than one person, so for each assignment you are paired with a partner with whom to discuss and execute your grandiose plans. Will your planning and collaborative skills be enough to design the most impressive city in world?

7.Fidelitas Fidelitas is designed by Jason Kotarski (Great Heartland Hauling Co.!) and Philip duBarry and is published by Kotarski’s game company, Green Couch Games.

In Fidelitas, players take on the role of faithful citizens in a medieval city who are exerting influence in order to gain the credibility needed to lead the charge against the corrupt crown.

Players play character cards to various locations that make up the city in order to meet conditions of hidden objectives. Each type of character card is associated with a unique action that manipulates cards in the game: the Butcher bullies other characters to new locations, the Student gains more cards, the Soldier keeps the peasants from loitering too long, etc. In this game where keen maneuvering is key, attentiveness to the opposition may uncover hidden motives that seek to foil your bid for power.

I just heard from Jason Kotarski that Fidelitas recently arrived and cleared customs here in the U.S. It is on its way to the distributors. Should have it no later than February!

8.Tiny Epic Galaxies Tiny Epic Galaxies is designed by Scott Almes and is published by Gamelyn Games. It is currently funded on Kickstarter, has tons of stretch goals already reached, and should hit $250,000 before this coming weekend is over.

The game is scheduled for a September 2015 delivery. I backed Tiny Epic Kingdoms last year and it delivered just about right on time. Gamelyn Games is one of the companies that are great at running and delivering Kickstarters.

Tiny Epic Galaxies is driven by an exciting dice-rolling mechanic that rewards thoughtful programming of the results. Players control a home planet and a series of space ships within their own personal galaxy. As players upgrade their galaxies they gain access to more ships and more dice.

As players expand their galaxy by colonizing other planets through economic and diplomatic influence, they gain victory points AND the special powers brought in by those planets!

9.Gold West Gold West is designed by J. Alex Kevern with art by a favorite board game artist of mine, Adam P. McIver, and will be published by Tasty Minstrel Games. Holy cats, there is a LOT of Tasty Minstrel on this list!

Gold West is set to debut on Kickstarter hopefully in the first quarter of 2015. This one might not be delivered in 2015 so that is why it’s at the bottom of my list. Here’s to hoping, though!

In Gold West, players compete as prospectors building their mining empires while vying over the precious metals of the frontier. In a delicate balance of resource management and area control, players must plan their building strategies while carefully managing their supply tracks to refine the right resources at the most opportune times. Stay a step ahead of the competition and you could lead the West into the Golden Age.

The goal of Gold West is to accumulate the most victory points through clever management of your growing mining empire. There are five resources in the game: the metals Copper, Silver, and Gold are used to acquire victory points in a variety of ways, while Timber and Stone are building materials used to build camps and settlements on the board to collect more resources and influence the landscape.

And a preview of the 2016 list . . .

I already know which game will be my 2016 Most Anticipated Board Game. Scythe, by Stonemaier Games. Jamey Stegmaier has said that September 2015 is a reasonable estimate for this to hit Kickstarter. This is on my radar just because of the image below and for the following –

Set in an alternate-history 1920s. It is a time of farming and war, broken hearts and rusted gears, innovation and valor. Think of it as Agricola meets Kemet.


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