Five things that did not bother me when I was younger

by admin on June 23, 2011

I’m not that old, right? Some days it really hits me that I’m getting older. I can’t run around the bases quite as fast as I used to and it takes a dose of ibuprofen the morning after a game to get the soreness to go away.

Anyhoo – here are 5 Things That Did Not Bother Me When I Was Younger:

  1. Riding a bicycle. Seriously. Sometimes as I am riding around I begin to wonder if the bicycle seat was specifically designed as a torture device for the entire male population. I can see the CIA using a stationary bicycle in their next interrogation. “Please! I’ll talk, just get me a bag of ice and one of those inflatable donut-shaped seat cushions!”
  2. Eating fast food. I used to be able to eat fast food just before playing a softball game and run around without any stomach discomfort. Now, I can’t hardly stand to eat fast food of any kind and I have sworn off McDonald’s for life.
  3. Staying up late. Ugh, it is so hard to get up in the morning after a late night. Back in the day when I was dating my wife, I wouldn’t get home until 1 or 2 in the morning and then get up by 6am to work 10 or 12 hours on a farm without a problem. Now, staying up until midnight requires an afternoon nap the following day. Sheesh.
  4. If I were in the Major Leagues, I would now be old enough to be considered, “in the twilight” of my career. Some of my favorite players that I have watched for the last decade-and-a-half are now reaching retirement age for baseball. Reminds me of that Bruce Springfield song, “Glory Days”.
  5. Top 40 music. I don’t listen to Top 40 radio stations like I did in my youth. As I scan stations and come across this “music” I am reminded of my own parents gleefully skipping past any radio stations playing songs I was interested in. Give me some Avett Brothers, Bon Iver, or Bob Dylan any day.

Bonus – this video is now 26 years old. Glory Days, indeed ­čÖé

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